What Will You Do If Your Fiancé/fiancée Breaks Up With U 2 Marry Your Best Friend?

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Friends are expected to be there for each other at all times. It is, therefore, painful when a supposed friend now becomes one’s enemy by betraying the person. This is how anyone would feel when his/her fiancé/fiancée breaks up the relationship and goes on to marry the person’s best friend. Saturday PUNCH asked some people what they would do if this happens to them


I’d leave them alone

Akinbiyi Esther

Though this can be very painful, there is nothing I can do about it. I would still find a reason to be happy because I know the right man would come for me. I believe that the will of God will always come to pass in my life. His breaking up with me only means he is not meant to be part of my life. I would leave them alone to enjoy their lives. A worse situation than this could have happened if I had married him.

It depends on the circumstance

Ahmed Ayanfe

This is betrayal. There is no other name to call it. If this ever happens to me, I will never have anything to do with such a friend again because he can do something worse than that if I don’t avoid him.

I’d write them off

Mariam Arinola

I must have seen it coming. There is nothing that would  happen in my relationship that I would not have seen a sign or be aware of it except I want to pretend. I would just write them off totally because I wouldn’t be able to stand the pain at all. I will not have anything to do with them again. I will not even  attend the wedding (of course, they wouldn’t  expect me to be there). Killing myself or anybody else won’t bring solution. It means she was not my friend in the first place. Such friend is just my greatest enemy and a green snake on a green grass.

I would console myself

Adeyanju Oladimeji

It will be disheartening if I lose someone I love and planning a future with. How could my friend do that to me despite knowing she’s my fiancée? Anyway, I will let it go and believe the lady was not meant for me because if she was for me, she would stick with me against all odds. I would be happy because what would have happened if I had married her and she started sleeping with my friend or relation? This will be the most heartbreak ever. I will console myself because a broken relationship is far better than broken marriage.

I’d wish them good luck

Oladipupo Funke

This would be one of the most painful things that would ever happen to me. It might take time for me to get over it but I won’t kill myself because life would certainly go on. I would wish them good luck in their marriage, but they would surely reap what they had sown. I would accept my fate because it showed that the guy wasn’t for me in the first place. I will not kill myself, but it would only teach me a lesson not to trust people again.

I won’t take it easy with them

Ademuyiwa Kehinde

People break up their relationships, not because they don’t love each other, but for different reasons. So it depends on the circumstances that brought about our separation and the kind of person she is. Remember, man proposes and God disposes. All the same, I won’t take it lightly with my friend. It is either they run away to where I won’t see them or else they will not enjoy their marriage. I mean, it is not easy to love someone and let her go just like that.

Life goes on

Sowemimo Ololade

It will be painful, but there is nothing to do other than move on with my life. I would leave them to God to judge. It won’t be easy to forgive them. I would never have anything to do with my friend again; she is a betrayer. I will enjoy my life and look for another person that will be better even though this might take long because of the fear of heartbreak.

I won’t kill myself

Shonde Moses

As a mature and fine guy, I will move on and pray for their happiness. I will never curse or fight them since we have not got married. There is really nothing one can do about it unless I want to commit murder or suicide, which is a crime. There is nothing I can do to change what has happened. I will move on with my life because I will find another lady to marry.

I may not get over it

Olabisi Olaitan

This is a sorrowful situation that I may never get over. I will be devastated because I can’t imagine my best friend doing that to me; that means she is a devil. It will cause a lot of emotional trauma for me, considering the love I have for the guy. But then, when there is life, there is hope. I will eventually get over it one day no matter how long it takes.

I’ll be sad

Archibong Anietie

Though it will be hard to accept, I may not get over it until after many months, but I will move on later. If she marries someone more handsome and intelligent than me, I will not be crossed with her. Otherwise, I will be so angry and may never forgive her because I will wonder what made her to leave me for my friend. And as for my friend, I will let him know he is not a good friend.

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