People dies after eating python in Anambra state

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Could this be true or mere superstition? According to a Facebook user, Ogbujianyim ChiukwuEmeka Nwokedi, this why Anambra people are dying in their numbers.


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He shared a write upon his wall where he stated that one Python is one person’s life in Anambra State and the more they kill them the more they bury their loved ones

He ¬†wrote: “Traditional Nwokedi said and warned,If Anambra people.expecially those calling themselves Christians will not stop Enugwu people from killing Anambra Python,too much people will die in Anambra ,and Anambra people will be wondering who is killing us,Abakaliki people are killing us. One Python is one persons life,the more they kill them the more you buried your love ones,stop them now now,before they kill you all,

Mr. Tony Oraeki, wrote and I added it here,an indigene of Nri, said that in respective towns, if a python enters the house of anybody; climbs on top of his bed, the owner of the house will simply collect the creature and drop it somewhere outside the compound without harming it.

If a stranger deliberately kills a python in Okija, the natives according to Ujummadu would advise such a person to give a befitting burial to the creature, and if the person refuses, he or she stands the risk of dying mysteriously within one year.

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