Pre-wedding Shoot Madness!

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I love Naija so much, you know why? It’s simply because we are creative minds.

Let’s leave the copy cats aspect that we do most times but we are very good in creativity.

In the days of our forefather, there was nothing as Pre-wedding shoot even till a decade ago.

Within the last two years, Nigerians quickly adopted the Pre-wedding syndrome and it spread like wildfire.

It shows how much Civilization has taken over the country, even though it couldn’t reflect on our economy.

Today we have almost pre-everything. Pre-wedding, Pre-birthday, pre-pregnancy and so on.

The fun part of it all, it’s always the pre-wedding shoots, as many tries to stand out by creating their own on theme.

In the process, some creepy or crazy things start surfacing. Well it’s all fun and having Fun is the sole purpose of it all.

But with all the funny, interesting, crazy or creepy Pre-wedding shoots you have seen thus far, what’s your take on Pre-wedding shoots generally?

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