Bride runs from altar during wedding (Read the true story)

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Recall that a few days ago, I threw the question of the Running Bride, pictured below, to you my dear readers.

The photos of the bride running up and down the streets went viral, with many versions of what happened floating around online. The most popular version was that she fled the altar after she discovered that her new husband lied to her about being a Chevron staff.

Studying the photos, I instinctively knew that the Chevron version was false.

Now the truth behind the photos have been revealed. Here’s what happened:

Back in February, a church in Obiaruku, Delta state was having their Valentine programme for youths so they shot a mini-movie. The pictures were from a wedding scene in the movie.

So. there you have it. Only God knows who came up with the Chevron nonsense.

I don’t know what some mischievous people have to gain by making up stories. Many even claimed to be eye witnesses!!  Some people don’t fear God shaaaaaa…Smh

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