What Do I Do : I caught My Husband Having Ce.x With two of My Junior Sister

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Kindly post this for me, i need your reader’s advise on how my husband slept with my two junior sisters that lived with us.


I have been married for 10+ years and thought I was happily married till some weeks ago. From the fourth year into my marriage my mom advised us to take on 2 female relatives. One was 22 and the other 13 at that time. In 2010, we noticed that the older of the girls had become so close to my husband to the point that anyone could easily conclude they were intimate. She became rude to me but got closer to my husband and he never saw anything wrong with her attitude. He would take her to school (UNILAG) and pick her up regularly. He would gladly buy the exact items for her and myself whenever he traveled. Several times he gave her large sums without my consent or knowledge but thankfully it all came out through her mom.

He blurted out once that she had STD and I was quite embarrassed that he would know that about her if nothing was going on. In the end we decided she couldn’t go on living in my house and my mom came to take her away her even though my husband kicked against it furiously. The younger one stayed on and that is now my greatest undoing.

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