Woman Sends Online Apology To Husband After He Shuts Her Out.

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Both are married and its a long distance Union…She hurt him and he wont take her calls anymore and in desperation to reach her man,she has turned to the internet because he will see this….
Her plea for forgiveness says…
”Akanni mii, they say messing up is part of growing up, please forgive me for messing up, I need no one to tell me I spit fire , this I know… I’m soo sorry bobomii… this is the 6th day you’re shutting me out, I don’t know how you perform the miracle of living without me, i don’t have that power and I don’t want to… 
Please call me, five days without my best friend and gossip partner has been hell… I can’t think straight, I’ve been soo bored, I stay glued to my phone hoping the next caller is you.. 
Please call me, reply my messages, even if it’s just to check on your daughter and lemme know you’re fine.. Daisy misses you, saying I miss you is an understatement … Okomii, My very own mayor, Please come back home, My love for you is out of this world  …please forgive me for messing up …”
 Yours Ariyike

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