See The Photo of Young Student Who Was Murdered By Her Boyfriend For Rituals

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This young beautiful girl, Adeyeye Oluwanifesimi, was murdered by her boyfriend last week. He was arrested two days ago and confessed how he lured her to a neighbouring state, killed her and mutilated her body in the bush.

Her sister, Adeyeye Rosemary Gold, is narrating her story with the hopes of helping other women avoid being killed like this. Read below;


“Please here is another lesson for we Ladies. Please trust no man enough to travel with him if you’re not married to him. We’ve heard issues of sex workers,and oloshos being used and killed but what about innocent girls who is into just a man. My friend was killed by her so called boyfriend, everyone knows her with just him. He called her while in school(owo) to see him in a neighbouring town. She told her friends and left to meet him but sadly she was taken into a bush where her two eyes were plucked and her two breasts were cut off. This Godforsaken bastard took Nifesi from us….Only if you had known love is a crime.

“You left us in sadness and tears. Adeyeye oluwanifesimi,May your killers never know peace till their 7th generation. Now that they’ve been apprehended I believe your death won’t go in vain and I pray justice will be severely done! RIP my friend, my sister, my lover, a confidant…May your soul find rest and eternal peace.”

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