For Women Only : Own Your Body In The Bedroom!

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If we wanted to have a conversation about women and their body image, we would talk about it for the rest of the day and never come to a conclusion on why women have such negative outlook on themselves. It takes a lot for a woman to get to a point where she feels so good about herself and her body during s3x.

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I do think that it’s why a lot of women hold back from achieving their ultimate satisfaction in bed. If you’re like most women and you think deep then, you’ll find that many of your s3x problems comes from not being fully confident about the way your body looks. If you belong to this category then you should know that you’ve been cheating yourself of a good time because a lot of your concentration goes into worrying about fat here and there instead of focusing on making things great for yourself.

The fact is that your boo can tell you 100 times that he loves everything that you are just as is but if you don’t feel good about yourself, then it won’t mean anything and it won’t change your body image issues. Hence, below are some helpful tips that will make you feel great about yourself while you’re getting busy with your man.

Get your lingerie situation together:
Yes, I said ‘lingerie’ not ‘underwear’ cos there’s a big difference between the two. Not every time mismatched bras and panties. Sometimes, take yourself to a store and buy some unbelievably expensive lingerie. Trust me, it’s an investment. That tiny piece of clothing can give you the kind of lift and sexy confidence that you wouldn’t believe. Stop covering up and begin to feel confident about yourself.

Attempt other positions:
If you watch yourself while you’re getting down, you will see that different positions can give you different angles. You would find you will look longer and leaner when you’re atop your man or when you’re straddling him because you can push your shoulders back and lean forward. This particular position will put a woman in her element and make her feel most sexy and confident.

Start working out:
How else can you make your body look good if you don’t work out? Now, don’t get me wrong… you must not change your appearance to have great s3x. However, it is necessary to tone yourself up and look good. Eat right and hit the gym. No one can complain about a fit body and a good looking figure. Asides from that, exercise is good for s3x life because it will make you feel good and confident.

You need not apologize:
Insecure people will always want to make jokes at their own expense; always seeming to speak negative about themselves and their abilities which is the worst thing that can happen. Even when you make a mistake, try to fix it rather than apologizing for yourself all the time. Guess what? Confidence works far more than the most perfect body. The beautiful thing about s3x is that it’s not a perfect process – it’s messy, sweaty and full of noises.

The way your body looks depends on the way you work it. Embrace your flaws and your imperfections. After all, s3x is an imperfect pleasure.

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