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A suspicious husband has been left devastated after he caught his wife red-handed having s*x with a neigbour. The man could not believe his eyes as the tenant had just packed into the house one month ago.


According to a report by a South African site, the suspicious husband had decided to set a trap for his beloved after he suspected her of cheating on him.

However, he got the shock of his life after discovering his tenant who lived in his house was the one having the illicit affair with the wife.

The angry man went on Facebook to share his experience. Speaking of the incident, Thabang Mohlomi said he got suspicious after his wife suddenly lost interest in him at night. ‘She would say she was tired or she was sick.

I did not understand why” a heartbroken Thabang said. “And when we did make out, I could feel she was different” he added.


He was forced to confide in his uncles who advised him to get traditional medicine to trap his wife.“As a christian I felt it was wrong to use traditional medicine on her so I set up a camera trap”

That was how he got the shock of his life. He was shocked to login the live video and see his wife of three years having a wonderful time with their tenant. He also added that the tenant had only been staying with them for 1 month.

“We have a son together who is 7 months old and to think she could do this to me”.

Thabang said he immediately chased away the tenant and is willing to work things out with his wife.

“I love her. I was angry when I wrote what I did on Facebook but I apologized to her for that. We are working things out. She said she did it because the man had bewitched her.” he said.

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  1. Barry A A says:

    My Brother (Thabang), that is a woman for you. Ordinarily, you shouldn’t have worried yourself that far.Thank God, you didn’t kill anybody in the process. Iam saying this because this kind of annoyance ingnites some people to go as far as killing either his wife or the tenant. Again, we are in the end time that men used concoction from babalawo to make sure a woman submits to them.Who knows! As your wife claimed that, she was charmed. It could be true.whatever, God knows, and the vengeance belongs to him. Thank God,you are a Christian, and already sorting out the issue with madam.Pls, do it for the sake of God’s kingdom. A similar incidence happened to a friend sometime. A none person thought he hot him by befriending his girlfriend, while preserving his own. But, God can’t be mocked. God allowed that his enemy to spent so much money on his own girlfriend in preparation of his wedding, after causing problems to the other person and his girlfriend using his babalawo concoction. God then strike by causing mysterious dead of his girl friend. Who got the hottest pain among these two people?

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