Omg! Woman Beats Husband in the Middle of the Street.

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A woman has left many people disgusted after she brutally beat her husband in public. But, his reaction has touched many people.

The wife brutally assaulted the husband in public

This is the shocking moment a woman brutally assaulted her husband in the middle of the street. The incident which attracted a large crowd happened in Nairobi, Kenya.

It was gathered that the young couple had serious issues leading to the public display. But, many have been left amazed as to the husband’s reaction after the brutal assault by the wife. He just turned and left.

The man’s reaction has puzzled many who believe the wife was very wrong to have taken such course of action.

In fact, it has divided opinions on social media as many contest that if the man was the one who assaulted the woman, hell would have been let loose.

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