A Woman’s Sleeping Position Reveals A Lot About Her

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Did you know that sleeping position can tell a lot about you? Continue with reading and find out what the 5 most common sleeping positions mean:


Freefall sleeping position
“Freefall sleeping position” is pose when someone is sleeping on the stomach with the hands under the pillow. This position signifies that you are open and social person, who also is warm and hospitable.

Hunger sleeping position
These people like to hug their pillow during they sleep. That is sign that they are a trusting person, who sometimes is even too much open and trusting for your own good.

Board position
People who sleep like they are lying on a wooden board, it means that they are very quiet and reserved persons. Moreover, they usually have very high opinion of themselves and are very opinionated.

Back snorer position
If you are man who snors while is asleep, your spouse probably has many long and sleepless nights. In fact, there is possibility that you don`t get much sleep, too. This reflects on your overall health and your mood.

Side log position
This position signifies that you are easy going and very trusting person.

Source: www.healthyandnaturalhouse.com

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