See These Photos Of 2 Kenyan Government Staff Having C.ex Goes Viral

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According to Mpasho News Kenya, Nakuru Public Service Board has launched investigations after photos of two County employees having sex went viral.

The photos that have been going round on social media are said to be of a cashier and an AP officer. Although they are both married with children, they decided to satisfy each other’s thirst not knowing that this would land them in trouble. It is said that the man mistakenly sent the photo to a whatsapp group.


The photo showed the woman bent over a mirror in a lodging while her companion, Mugambi stood behind her naked, obviously, they were about to start engaging in debauchery.

By the time he realised that he had just bonked himself (no pun intended) the photos were already making rounds online, exposing him and the married woman he was with.

Nakuru Public Service Board chairman Waithanji Mutiti said they were conducting investigations with the heads of department to determine the action they will take against the two.

When reached for a comment on the matter, the woman told the Star: “Allow me not to say much since I am in a family meeting regarding the issue”.

The two have reportedly remained off duty since Monday when the scandalous images began circulating on various social media platforms.

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