Outrage As Young School Children Are Caught On Camera Twerking Provocatively (Photos)

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Many people have reacted angrily after school chidren were caught on camera dancing and provocatively at each other in a school in Cuba.

A controversial video showing young children in school uniforms dancing provocatively and Tw@rking has been posted online – sparking outrage.

According to Dailymail, the children were filmed in the city of Camaguey in central Cuba, 300 miles east of Havana, it has now been viewed tens of thousands of times.
Jorge Luis Pérez, a father of one of the boys in the video and Camaguey resident proudly uploaded the footage of his son ‘showing off his moves,’ local media reported.
Two girls, whose ages are not known, are seen dancing with two of their male classmates, replicating the moves seen on music videos. The girls are seenTw@rking and grinding against the young boys and bending down on the floor.
But people have reacted angrily to the video.
While Isa Monzon wrote:-
‘They teach them, then complain about the prostitution and R@pe it’s a sham

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