What goes around come around! Read this very interesting true life story

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It was shared online by Tinsel actress Abiola Williams. A wicked mother inlaw got served by karma after she made her daughter in-law’s marriage hell cos the lady bore no child on time for her son. How she was shamed at the end is so deserving.


My brother told me a story about his former colleague at work. She had been married for about six years without children and her mother-in-law gave her continious hell. Eventually she had three children one after the other.
Then her sister in law got married and after five years of marriage hadnt any children and her own mother-in-law gave her lake of fire with brimstone inclusive.
So my brother’s former colleague’s mother in law now came to ask her to please take her own daughter to her doctor.
I say hen God is not mocked seee. whatsoever we are in a habit of sowing we shall be in the habit of reaping. its a spiritual law.
lets watch the seeds we sow. They germinate

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