Photo: Woman Exposes ‘Pastor Husband’ Who Beats Her, Sleeps With 16 Year Old Girls, Slept With Her Best friend

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A victim of sexual abuse in the hands of her estranged husband has taken to Facebook to vent her anger after exposing the man’s dirty shenanigans. She alleged that the husband has been cexually abusing her and beating her to the extent that he blackmailed and extorted her money. The woman’s revelation has put into question the status of her husband who is said to be a pastor.


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“Mr Omasan Mabiaku marriage is not by force I have left you over a month due to your constant violence, torture but this is the end; you pretend to the world you are a pastor only because you are now broke, election is over and the aspirant you blackmailed and duped is no longer there for your extortion.

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