Nigerian man reportedly murders girl he had Cex with over money issue in Liberia (Photos)

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The beautiful girl you see below was allegedly murdered by a Nigerian man she slept with after they agreed on payment, but was beaten to death after an argument about her money.

Some people commenting on the post said she was thrown down from the hotel. Read according to a Liberian source Mike Khailelu Jabateh below…

“Warning to Liberian girls.
Guinean news
Here is the girl who was murdered in Akouna Matata Hotel Kipé by a Nigerian. Her name is #Kadiatou #Bah.
According to the news i read in French. She met a Nigerian guy few weeks ago and they agreed to have sex for 300,000 gnf which is equivalent to 35 dollars, after having cex with her, the guy gave her 150,000 gnf and the girl started shouting that the guy must pay all the money, the guy got annoyed and beat her to death…”

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