Please Advice Me : My boyfriend presses my like fufu,he sucks b.reast like a ritualist

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Help me every one
My boyfriend wants to bite off my n.ipples,this guy s.ucks b.reast like a ritualist. He will use his 2 hands and grab this my br.east like eba,press it until my vains come out, I will be shouting like a mad person the next will be his mouth,he will s.uck this br.east with force and be pressing it at the same time.

If I try to push him away he will grab it with his teeth. This is killing me.


The worst is that he does not last in bed, just 2 minutes and his out,but if it is pressing and s.ucking of B.reast he will spend hours. I have complained,cried,begged but he always say he will change but get can one be aggressive with a woman’s breast like its a weapon.

He just proposed yesterday and am scared that I might die of br.east cancer in the marriage. The rate of his pressing can develop sudden lump in my br.east. But am 33 years and have lasted with this guy for 3 years now, what will be my reason of not wanting to marry him?

How do I cope with this please?

He always promise to stop the get worse.

First he will start with slow motion then the next thing will be grabbing and pressing like a vampire. Please it’s not a joke, any help I can get pls.

Thanks admin as you post urgently.

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