Gbege! Actress Lilian Esoro sleeping with a footballer even after marrying Ubi?

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This gist is hot from stella, read below…

this is very heavy but its the hottest gist in town and rumour Mongers have refused to let this be because they say Bae is about to set up her Le Boo with domestic violence tales….as bad as the NAIRA falling so bad to the dollars.


Set up?As in set up furniture or what?

Hmmmm,let me state here now that the Rumours mongers are divided into two schools of thought.
One school says ”Person wey no dey hear word,when e begin happen e eyes go clear”
The other school says that ”no matter how much you drag horse for ears go for stream,you no go fit force am to drink water”

Now let me go into details.

Bae and Boo are just a year old and already the Celebrities have broken up according to the rumour in town and trust me,this rumour is hot..too hot for names to be mentioned.

Both fell in love and married but insiders insinuate that BAE only played out a script with Le Boo.

Let me repeat
”The trouble started when just day before she changed names,she allegedly hooked up with a famous Nigerian footballer to ”give am chop before she waka enter house”.
After that chopping,another group alleges that ”she waka go capital go settle another one”.Le boo allegedly found out and they got into a dirty war of words
and a little physically altercation where she almost scratched out his eyes but ended up scratching hers….She then made pics of the altercation and threatened to release the photos when she is pushed to the wall.

Rumour mongers swear that out of shame le boo almost committed suicide when he found out that all what close friends had warned him about was true…that he couldnt handle the woman he was about to marry.
Infact he has become a laughing stock amongst his friends because he is going round trying to make amends but who make amends EPP when the NAIRA is so low?

Le boo and Bae presently do not talk and tongues are wagging why she is not in the country at a time when le boo took a drastic step to open something nice a few days back.

Bae has allegedly unfollowed le boo on the social media and her faithful friends are busy commenting and dropping hints on the social media that they are no longer together.

Olofofos allege that Bae has started contacting all her ex’s and one of them who is an ‘Akpruka’ helped her secure visa to ”the abroad’ where she is presently hiding out with her sis after she squealed that she had moved back to her parents house.

Friends are divided on this.some are praying that they settle the gulf war between them and come back together whilst the other group swear that they were not meant for each other and had no business marrying in the first place.

I am not a soothsayer,a doctor,a nurse,an actress or a person who makes music so i cannot predict what should have been or will be but i know one thing for sure and it is that we should not laugh when people go through trials…NEVER!

”Consider the LILIES,even Solomon in all his wisdom was not arrayed like one
of these”

Rumour mongers will bring an update on this before the week ends and swear that a major drama will explode soon on the social media concerning Bae and Le Boo….Let’s hope not for the sake of the tata involved.

Finished reading?..Now go and mind your BUSINESS fast!…This is not a news to rejoice over and i will appreciate it if nobody brands me any names as i haven’t mentioned any names.
Thank you

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