Should I Tell? My Friend is Cheating on His Beautiful Wife and I Feel So Bad

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A man is in serious dilemma as he has found himself in a tight corner after finding out that his friend is cheating on his beautiful wife.


My very close colleague and friend and I work in the same office. He relocated his family out of town almost a year ago, the wife traveled for further studies. He has a lovely wife, really good woman and two lovely kids.

I also live with my family. We used to visit each other and our kids played together while they were around.
The issue now is he now keeps a steady girl. The girl cannot hold a light close to anywhere near his wife. The wife beats her in terms of beauty, class, intelligence, fashion, attitude, just name it.

At first i didn’t talk when i saw them together. Felt it was a casual fling, he probably was lonely and needed a little company. However, he now takes her everywhere, friends houses, colleagues parties etc. I have warned him severally but he keeps telling me he’ll look for the right time to let her go. He’s been saying this for more than 6 months now. He even confessed that they do have unprotected s*x occasionally, especially when they are both drunk and she has said she’ll kill him and kill herself if he leaves her for another girl.

I hate to see my friend destroy a beautiful family. I don’t know what to do to save him. I don’t have his wife’s number, even if I did, telling her might result to breaking the marriage instead of saving it. For now, all I do is just pray for him. Anybody with any brilliant ideas?

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