My Husband Always Shouts At Me In Public

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Before anyone would ask if he wasn’t like this before marriage. No he wasn’t. He never cautioned me harshly in private not to talk of in public.

When we were newly married he shouts at me in his younger brother’s presence. (Why will they give me respect)
He did it in the presence of our plumber cos I told him the prices of the items were expensive.

Then our househelp. He does it so often that I begin to wonder what point he was trying to prove. To the extent that the lady started losing respect for me and giving me attitude anytime I caution her. That he even told her not to do what I asked her to do.

Then the most recent was in church. He was struggling wit our toddler that he fell and I asked him to leave him. He just started shouting and everyone was looking.

I really am not happy. And unknown to him, this is reducing my love for him. Cos i cant love someone dat disrespects me. I use to love telling people how wonderful he is but these days I cant. It’s affecting my relationship with him.

I’m considering embarrassing him back the next time he does it so he knows how it hurts cos he doesn’t see anything wrong with it and never apologize. He says he doesn’t like hiding his feelings. I ask “even when your words hurt your spouse”.

I’m worried cos we might be travelling soon and if he embarrases me in front of family members i might lose my temper.
I need mature advises here pls. As i do not want to involve 3rd party.

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