This is lovely, See what went down on this lady’s wedding night

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Met hubby at work , he went straight to the point of marriage(still tease him till today). He said he knows what he wants and won’t waste his time playing games of “dating to see how it goes”. Forward, 4months later,introduction, the next 4months, wedding and reception same day. Everything was really rushed cos some of his colleagues and families have to travel back to their base.

From the reception ground,he said ” let’s go”. I said “where na??. No o,I am going to my parent house. You will come with your people in the evenFing to pick me finally” . that’s how we do it(inter tribal marriage tins). I have friends that travel down I wish to see before they leave the next I went home,had a shower and changed to something (dress)simple.

Past 7pm ,they came to take me. On getting to the hotel,water was poured on my feet by his elder sisters Nd some prayers of “welcome to the family” speech was done.(I was watching them like Yoruba film).

They jisted with us for some minutes and left to their rooms. I forgot to mention that I and hubby weren’t really cool from the reception ground. Reason being that he was hastening everything,ruining my plans, just so his guests can go back to their various states. So, as a GEMINI that I am, my other side came up(mood swing), I became cold. I changed into my nightie I had bought specially for the night and laid down,pretending to be sleeping.

After some arrangements ,moving around from one part of the room to another and a shower by him, he came to the bed and was touching me. I removed his hand o. He kept on pestering and I kept resisting. Hubby got vexed and he said “how can it be heard that no intercourse with one’s wife on their wedding night”. In my mind (something you v been collecting for the past months, what’s sacred inside again. sef).

He became more serious that even if its just to enter and come out,he has to. It is unheard of and even the angels won’t be happy with us if we don’t ” kwaff”. . I now remembered my holy book and what it said concerning denying of kwaff from one’s spouse without a just cause, so I surrendered but didn’t participate.. He was so thankful the next morning.

Six years down the line with 3adorables,I will choose him over and over again. Any day I wear that same nightie, I am in trouble . He always remind me of that day,how i want to deny him of the blessing for the s-ex for that night, jokingly though, and I have to make up for me too don’t wear it frequently if not…………….na horse riding for me that night ..

Hmnn the belief my hubby attach to kwaff on a wedding night ehn!!!!. … Anyways ,i regret not making him enjoy our wedding night the way he wanted it.

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