Please Help! I Want to Kill My Sister So I Can Marrry Her Husband

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A girl has revealed her intentions to kill her husband’s sister after she fell in love and started having s*x with him.

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*

My name is Victoria. I am a lady of 25-years, staying in my sister’s house in Lagos. She payed my elementary, middle, high schools, and she is even paying my university fees for me. Also, she gives me whatever I ask for.

The problem is that, I have developed a strong feelings (love) for her husband.

I started dating her husband when I was in SS 2. He loves me, I love him. We really love each other. He said he made a mistake of marrying my elder sister, but I am the one he loves. I love my sister’s husband so much and he is a real business man, physically strong, both in bed and with money.

Now, he wants me to be his second wedded wife. But I do not want to be a second wife. What I want him to do, is to divorce his wife (my elder sister).

Not knowing, all what we were saying in the room, my sister heard it all, she came in and threw hot water on me, fought with me, and bit my ears.

I just recovered four days ago. Still the man wants to be with me, but the obstacle is my sister.

Please help me, what should I do? I want to kill my sister to get her husband. I really love the man.

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