Guys See How To Identify Or Spot A Lady Who Is A Les.bain

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Well i dont know how true this is but read what this fellow has to say below…


How to spot or identify a lady who is a lesbian
1. lesbians identify themselves by wearing a chain on the right leg.
2. lesbians doesn’t have an atom of respect for a man for any reason, they always feel nothing good can come from a man.
3.lesbians are generally wicked and heartless.
4.lesbians always move together because they are jealous of loosing each other.
5.lesbians don’t really like opposite sexual intercourse but same sex.
6.lesbians are always autocratic in any place they found their self, they leads
7.lesbians reduces the wealth of the husband spiritually.
8.lesbians stay comfortably in closed doors with same sex.
9 lesbians are so desperate in all ramification
10.lesbians express their feeling to same s*x i.e i love you, i miss you, i adore you.

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