Photos: Nigerian Guy Post Unclad Photos Of A Girl He Slept on snapchat

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Lagos big boy, Kashy, posts a snap of himself and his popular bae, “kingadenike” showing off her *****. SEE THE SHOCKING PHOTOS

  • aloyklinsman All these boys that expose girls n.ude, I don’t know how you feel doing that, don’t something tell you that you’re being just stupid??? A girl sent or showed you her n.ude out of love and bcos you’re her man of course you have every right to see her n.aked, you break up with her then start exposing her n.udes and calling her a hoe, your once upon a time girlfriend???? Gush! Whose the fool here??? Guys please let’s stop all these, we all should learn think before we act and not do otherwise!!! If he wanted to fuck the girl up, he should do that another way not by exposing her n.ude, that’s lame af! And to me a sign of defeat cos you don’t have any other thing to use against her you dumbass!#SayNoToStupidity


That’s her boyfriend, 2. They’ve been dating for years 3. She didn’t get fucked for an iPhone 7 as he spoils her on a regular.. She just came back from Dubai.. 4. It’s not her fault she’s a dope, badass, fashionista… Coming from another girl.. Saying it serves her right and you don’t even know her.. That’s so bad😞 I don’t know what got over the boy… Cos a lot of us might have done worse… I blame Kashy.. Even if he mistakenly uploaded it.. He should have deleted it ASAP … I feel bad for her cos it could have been anybody.. One time in school I was bathing n from my window I saw a flash.. Like from a phone recording me.. Imagine I woke up the next morning to see my pictures everywhere with an ugly caption.. Nobody will even want to hear my side of the story.. I feel it’s so wrong for you to laugh at her and say it serves her right.. I don’t know if she has offended you before but it’s not nice 🙏🏾

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