See this Uganda Female Pastor who bleached her skin to get customers

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Shanitah Namuyimba aka Bad Black is no stranger to drama. The socialite turned singer then pastor has revealed that being white is not as glamourous as she expected.

The lady had sometime back boasted that bleaching made her life so simple.

Now, while speaking in an interview, she revealed that she misses her old self. So, if you are planning to bleach that skin, wait a minute,you might need to read about Bad Black’s experience with white skin. She revealed that her new skin isn’t giving her the happiness she had expected.

” I don’t have any problems with this new skin but I am tired of the white colour. I want to go back to my original black skin.”,she confessed

She also revealed the white skin is very difficult to maintain given the injections she has to pay for to keep it in good texture and colour. She allegedly spends colossal amounts of money to maintain the look yet she does not have the kind of wealth at her disposal like in her hey days.

“I will stop getting the injections since they have been draining my wallet. I could use $10,000 (35m) for annual injection’, she revealed.
She was quick to dissociate her name from brokenness.

See her pictures below..

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