Too Bad ! I Long To Be A Good Wife But Can’t Find Anyone To Marry Me

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I’m 38. I’m a nice person. All I have ever dreamed of is being married. I know I would make the perfect wife. I’m not jealous, I’m not a pushover, yet I would devote myself to making sure my husband is happy.
Deep down, I want to feel needed. I want to be the person who fusses over my husband’s dinner, who keeps a perfect running household and still manages to look elegant and beautiful at dinnertime. I want to be taken care of, to be looked after, but more importantly to feel safe. All my friends are getting married,

some of them to guys who are really, really below their league, and yet I cannot find anyone who wants to marry me. I’m constantly searching for that one person who will be my saviour.
My greatest fear is that I will end up alone.I can see myself at 40, still single and living in a little flat that I bought at 38, which seemed super independent and grown-up but at 40 seems like the biggest humiliation.

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7 Responses

  1. John says:

    Aah I’m soo concerned about your case. I also love people who seek good things and are true to themselves. he or she who finds a good partner finds a good thing. I admire you. you are also good looking!

  2. Mathias says:

    Don’t know how you really feel now, even though am not you yet am touched the most…
    Don’t wanna cry bcos it will save me or bring me what I so desired…
    One thing is real…
    Keeping hope alive is to say tomorrow will be perfect.
    you own will find you if your faith beat the hope of failure.
    I can’t trace you bcos am early twenty with little finance…
    But am sure you will find joy and happiness…
    Stay positive and keep hope alive.

  3. Titus says:

    Hey dear,Ive seen your post and I believe believe things can work out between us….I’m 27 but I know it doesn’t really me on +2348160194684 or +2348059624376.I’ll be waiting dear.

  4. Akeem says:

    I don’t have money oh and I I’m 27years hold I am from kogi state if you accept my request I married you my contacts number is 08054036327 or 08161102151 and I am a Muslim

  5. Oloyede says:

    Well I do know how u feel cos I’m also single like u and I’m 38, working class. But I can’t do anything outside prayer, and if God says we are good to go fine. Here is my num 09025669897,07036458138.

  6. ade says:

    God time is the best. Let’s talk as friends on whatsapp if u don’t mind. We might have a lot to shear 08028830390. Adeshina is my name

  7. Garba saliu says:

    my name is Garba saliu from nassarawa state Akwanga LGA. here is my phone number if u kia 07067574913

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