Must Read : Six Things Women Secretly Wish Men Would Do During S*x

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Thinking of improving your bedroom romance, here are six things women wish their men would do during s*x.
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1. If you love when your partner is dominant … experiment with BDSM
“Try being the ‘submissive’ in the bedroom. Reliquishing control and following orders can be exhilarating,” cexologist Jessica O’Reilly told Women’s Health.
“Test out the role a little by saying ‘yes sir’ or ‘as you wish’.”
2. If you like to watch yourselves have cex in a mirror … make a cex tape
“Making a cex tape might be ideal for you because it appeals to both your exhibitionist and voyeuristic sides,” Jessica said.
“Before you set up your phone, look around for an old school recorder so you’re not worrying the tape could end up in the wrong hands.”
3. If you like to get yourself off with a vibrator …. use one together
Go cex toy shopping with your partner and buy a small vibrator that will pleasure the both of you. A U-shaped toy can provide simultaneous stimulation to the G-spot, clitoris and penile shaft.
“Research shows that most men are onboard with the idea of using the cex toy and find that adding a vibrator improves their cex lives,” Jessica said.
4. If you’re fond of a dirty sext or two … send dirty voice messages
If you’re feeling a bit twirly and want to give your partner a bit of a thrill, record them a s exy message.
“Keep the note short, just five to ten seconds, and move your mouth away from the phone to create a hushed whisper,” added Jessica.
5. If you like to take control … tie him up
Does nothing get you off more than when you’re riding him? Tie him up and kiss him all over. He won’t be able to do a single thing and you will love the power.
6. If you like watching cex scenes in movies … watch porn together
If watching a cex scene in the middle of a film takes the chill out of “Netflix and Chill”, then try your hand at watching porn together. While the right genre of porn will no doubt turn you on, you can also laugh at how ridiculous the whole production is.

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