I Didn’t Have C.ex With Actor, Prince Eke Before Marriage” — Muma Gee Revealed Before Her Marriage Crashed

Some weeks ago, Nollywood actor, Prince Eke called out his musician wife, Muma Gee on Instagram, saying she absconded to Abuja, leaving him alone to cater for their three children and all she does is hang out at night clubs with different men.

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The River State born singer and Theater Arts Graduate of University of Port-Harcourt (UNIPORT) has bared it all, in a revealing interview with Goldenpearlmedia.

How are your twin kids doing now?
Great thanks. They are bubbling and doing great.

 How have you been coping taking care of these kids?It’s quite hectic and stressful but I am doing well with good management skills. I also have good baby nurses and my mom solidly supportive.Motherhood? How do you see it now that you’re one?
I am a great woman and I wasn’t born abroad. I was born in a hospital Rivers State. I am not one of those who travel abroad and spend a lot of money to deliver their babies. I have told myself I will deliver in Nigeria and the children and I will all succeed here.
I am excited. I am elated. I am very happy and thankful to God Almighty.

Words are not enough to express our feeling. I will say I am overwhelmed. I kept wondering and asking God, ‘Is this me? Are these beautiful babies for us? How did this happen? What have we done to deserve this miracle?’People see me and say, ‘oh, you are looking so beautiful’. I didn’t believe I was going to have twins. We thank God.”

I have always and still see motherhood as a divine responsibility that God saddled women with. It’s a rare privilege for me to be part of those chosen by God to nurture his creations and to prove how special. He made it a double portion for me with a perfect combination. What more can I say but to say thank you Lord! Thanks to those of you that prayed for me and wished me well.

It took a while before you were blessed with your twins, how was the awaiting periods for you?
What is your definition of “WHILE” I got wedded in 2011 and gave birth in 2014 and you refer to that as a while for two celebrities that got married without courtship? I and my hubby planed it that way.

But pure African mentality would expect a woman to give birth, just a year after marriage.

Yes, but we also needed to prepare a good life for babies before bringing them into this world. I hate to sound this way but, even as a cultural ambassador with a unique African style of music, I have a high standard of living and that is world standard. So, I don’t limit myself to any timid traditional believe.

Have you always known that you will give birth to twins or their conception and birth was a huge surprise to you?
No human can predict what gift God has for him or her until it unfolds, so my case is not different. I went to the first scan, the results kept me pondering and I waited patiently till after nine months to be sure what I was carrying in my womb. but it was only by faith, that I started building d baby nursery with twins in mind.

I had always loved twins from my childhood and I remember during my wedding, I made out gifts for kids, blue cups for boys and pink cups for girls. And prayed that God bless me with both cex but not knowing that it would be at once. I will forever remain grateful to God.

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