I need a Husband, but if you don’t have all these please don’t Bother

She posted and wrote

I need a husband, but if you don,t have all this please don,t comments at all👇

A: two mansion from different location
B: four cars
C: two house boys
D: two drive for me
E: you must own a big company
F: you must last long on bed at least 2hrs

As you can see I have all you need

Please indicate if you’re ready👇👇👇👇👇🚶

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5 Responses

  1. mike says:

    You don’t need husband you need money, come join Edmark you will get money. By Jehovah grace u will get money.

  2. brainard says:

    make i just speak pigeon english so u go know say i dey serious, i beg u in d name of God, gods and godess, please if u no won make God purnish u, no ever talk am again bcos u are almost purnish and if care is not taken, u would be finally purnished, useless fellow

  3. marc says:

    may God forgive you … nae only fool go marry you.

  4. Austine says:

    What’s special abt u gan…ask ur self wu will marry u…idoit

  5. Dalang says:

    tonder fire that ur big nesh an ur toutor stupit girl Ashawo baby. see let me tell u some thin u be comfirm akaracha, so no body go marry u bcaus may be u get HIV in ur body

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