Meet The Awesome Car “wallys Iris” -made In Africa

Hey guys ,today I would be giving a quick review of a made in Africa automobile .

Let me say this before I proceed .I am personally not too happy with Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing.Without a doubt they are trying ,but I believe they are not being innovative enough when it comes to their designs and vehicle specifications.Ironically “Inno” is present in Innovative and Innoson .

Now lets proceed.

Its called “Wallys Iris “,manufactured by Wallyscar .Wallyscar is an automobile company based in Tunisia.

-Its a convertible SUV .
-Its built with galvanized steel and fibre glass
-It has a manual transmission .
-It has 3 cylinders in line ,and 12 valves with a cylinder capacity of 1199 cm3
-Its not doing too bad with a 82 hp engine
-It weighs almost a tonne ,approximately 940 kg
-Its 3.9 m in length ,1.7 m wide , and 1.65 m high
-Max speed is 154km/h
-It accelerates from 0 -100 km/h in 11.2 seconds
-It broke my heart to know it uses only gasoline , was expecting it to be an hybrid .
-The makers claim it has a CO2 emission of 120 g / km.
-They made much emphasis on a good fuel consumption rate .Urban environment – 5.8 l / km ,extra urban -3.9 l / km,mixed- 4.8 l / km .

More images to feed your eyes.

I am giving this:

7/10 for design and concept

6/10 for speed

And 10/10 for being African

What do you think about the Wallys Iris ?.Let me know in the comments below

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By Donald3d

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