Must Read : This Type of Man Lasts Longer in Bed Leaving You to Beg for More

It has been confirmed according to a new study that men with a certain type of body lasts longer in bed.
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A new study has shown that some type of men can last longer in bed leaving you very well satisfied.
The report posted by Sun UK revealed that according to a new study, the size of a man’s stomach may well be a better indicator of how long he can keep it going in the sack.
The research comes from scientists at Erciyes University in Turkey, who now believe that larger men make better lovers because they’ve got more se xual stamina.
The researchers studied 200 men; comparing their body mass index (BMI) to their se xual performance. Interestingly, the result showed that fatter men with bigger bellies lasted longer in bed then their svelte counterparts.
In fact, men with visible belly fat and a higher BMI could get down to it for an average 7.3 minutes, while slimmer men lasted an average of 1.8 minutes in the sack and were more likely to suffer from premature ejaculation.
The study said: “We found that the premature ejaculators were leaner.
“As the BMI increased, the number of patients decreased in the premature ejaculation group.”
The scientists thought that the reason behind larger lads lasting longer is that they have higher levels of the female crx hormone oestradiol, which may disrupt the body’s chemical balance and inhibits them from climaxing for longer.
Premature ejaculation is the name given when a man ejaculates either before, or a very short time after, entering the vagina. It’s a major concern for many blokes, with 30 per cent of lads reporting to have been affected by the condition last year.
Recently, researchers revealed the average time it takes a man to orgasm, and typically it takes two to three minutes after entering the vagina, while it’s also been revealed how much cex you can expect to have a year compared to your peers.

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