Nigerian Man Finds Love Through MMM, Got Paired With A Beautiful Lady

A Facebook user, Danny Umoh took to his page to write on how he’s found love through Ponzi scheme MMM.


He wrote,


*MMM is not only changing me financially 💰💰 but also in relationship 👫👫aspect.*
*I was paired wit a female to PH* *nd after I called to tell her to confirm my payment,I found her voice to be lovely 😍😍.I went on to add her on my watsapp nd* *as boys will always be boys 😜,I* *asked her out nd she said’* *yes’.nd d relationship is rilli* *growing by 30% every* *month* * 😂😂😂😂* Am so inlove now… Thanks to MMM

We find love in hopeless place

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