Reasons Why He Will Not Forgive You When You Are Caught In The Act

If you have a caring, understanding and a loving man i don’t think you need to do anything to hurt his feelings.

Many women wonder why men find it difficult to forgive them when they are caught in extra marital relationship.


Despite the fact that it is assumed to be normal for men to be free donor and cheat, they(men) find it difficult to forgive their woman if reverse is the case let alone forgetting because they will always be demoralized anytime they remember what they caught the woman doing.

No matter how bad you may be cexually, your man still cherish it and cannot afford to see or hear you share that “bad” moment with another man let alone when you(woman) are perfect in bed.

In the case of rape when he even knows it is out of your control he still finds it difficult to get it out of his head.

… The way you moan or groan when you show love to each other, your moves in reaction to the good time, the way you kiss each other passionately and the romance…

I repeat, that special moments are indeed special to any man that truly loves you.

If you think… The good food you cook, the time you share together to talk or to play and even to argue or fight… are less important to him, the day you are caught in the act will define your unreserved significance in his entire life.

It takes an herculean task for a man to forgive his woman after catching her in the act.

A man who is not fully committed to the relationship will find it difficult to forgive a cheating wife let alone will the man that knows the worth of a good woman accept, forgive or forget a woman caught in the act.

Please don’t play on your man’s intelligence, he might be slow to anger but he is deadlier than snake if you are caught in the act.

It is very possible you are forgiven, however, it is advisable to be loyal.

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