Singer Jodie and actor David Nnaji might be heading for a divorce

The marriage of singer Jodie and her actor hubby, David Nnaji, might currently be facing some challenges as rumors of a separation is currently trailing their union. The couple got married in October 2015.

Jodie has been spotted in recent times without her wedding ring and for a while now, has not put up any photo of her husband. She has only been sharing photos of herself and their son, Chinua. She celebrated Christmas and New Year without him in the pictures she shared online.

When she wished her followers a happy 2016 last year, she shared a photo of her husband and herself but for this year 2017, she shared a photo of herself and her son alone.

Also on David’s Instagram page, there is no single photo of Jodie, not even the one he previously shared from their wedding.

When LIB reached out to Jodie, she refused to confirm or deny the rumor, saying she doesn’t want any confirmation to come from her end. She refused to affirm if David is still her husband and also comment on why she has not been wearing her ring.


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