SO i heard Tonto Dikeh was a victim of Domestic Violence and the marks are still visible on her body!

Rumour has it that she was a victim of Domestic Violence and the marks are still visible on her body!

According to the whistle blower ”One of the main reasons for her leaving was because of the beatings and verbal abuse she got from him. This one is confirmed! She has scars on her body. That is why she cannot post full pictures of herself also if you notice. She has been posting awareness against domestic violence to women!

I would never believe it if my eyes didn’t see it too! If you have any link to the Nigerian embassy in G*** feel free to do your research and ask. It is a pattern with the man. Try and contact his ex she will concur!..the only marks that are obvious are the ones on her legs but i know of the ones on her ribs and her back”.



OH NO…..

The whistle blower says she might talk about this soon and i will support her if she does,oh i hate Domestic Violence with everything inside of me…It’s fine if you are no longer in love but why beat her and then send people to beg when she has left you?

She has left and is not ashamed because she is a strong woman and will become a voice for woman in the condition she left if she comes out clean.


This lady interprets scripts for a living and was living a fairy tale life which people were tapping from until the bubble burst recently because of his wayward lifestyle which he refused to let go of….

Relocate?Dont do it,if its because of that,dont go anywhere with your child babe!

You know who i am talking about?Well,I cannot mention names but Charity begins at home and if you do not know by now,bend your head,look down,avoid your ”privates” and then look at Mr XYZ or Mr Dickson and then you will be fine.
.If you know pidgin English very well,please reverse privates to pidgin and interlock it.

I Repeat that I hate Domestic Violence and will use my platform as a voice against it..So,help me God.

Shout out to Rumour mongers and whistle blowers!

Source: stella

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