Why Ladies easily Fall For deceitful men.

In my years of existence I have seen many ladies go through series of heartbreak and there seem to be one generic reason for each one of these ladies….”Deciet”


Many ladies know when they are lied to but they tend to accept the deceit no matter how hard they try to caution themselves and at the end they act as though it took them by surprise.

There is one thing the bad guys have come to realize and that is the fact that ladies embrace lies because most of them are embodiment of falsehood from head to toe and no matter how smart a lady may claim to be,it is embedded in the genome of most ladies to love lies because they prefer to hear what they want to hear even if it is an obvious lie.Simply put…JUST TELL A LADY WHAT SHE WANTS TO HEAR AND YOU ARE ALMOST CERTAIN TO HAVE HER WHERE YOU WANT HER.

Tell a conspicuously fat lady she looks slim and she will say thank you with all smiles and tell a less attractive lady she is sexy and you will be her best friend. Even on nairaland,ladies tend to like deceitful comments from smart sharp guys more than sincere ones.

A lady sees a guy in his late 30s or in his 40s and he says he is single and she believes without doing serious due diligence.

A lady sees a guy in his 20s cruising a very costly ride and she believes when he says he is legit without asking serious questions.

A lady will ignore a sincere guy just to fall for a popular playboy because he tells her she is the only love of his life while other ladies are side dishes and that is the lie she wants to hear.

A lady wants a man that will be hers only but will look away from a sweet faithful guy who wants to make her his numero uno to start desiring a cassanova many ladies want.

I can continue endlessly to highlight facts that suggest why ladies will forever fall for great liars but my advice to sincere guys is to continue to be real because it pays and only a lady who is sincere to herself can be with a sincere man.

Many ladies will claim to love sincere guys and will say a guy that lies is a great turn off to them but unfortunately they are the exact opposite of what they say.

My humble submission.

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