Young man calls out lady who said ‘God forbid’ when he told her he is Igbo

According to Instagram user, Khene, while chatting with a 30 year old lady, he told her he is Igbo and she said ‘God forbid’.

He then shared a DM message he sent to her and called her out. See more below…


“When you know you are a very much old hag looking like a depleted self-con and yet you still want to be sliding into a younger guy’s dm asking his age and what he does just so you will know if he can marry you. WTF?? @princess_kayajibade this is me calling you out. The bitch went on asking my age and what I do and when I told this fair kangaroo I was igbo she opened her stinking gutter of a mouth to say God forbid look at how she looks at 30 and actually feels she still has a chance to be picky. It’s just February and yet this fool is a strong contender for the moron of the year award. With a stupid tattoo on her breast like the writings on the sign board of driving school centre. River goat. The 2017 model of imbecile blocked me I would have posted a full screen shot of the messages. #dontinsultmytribe #goandgetyourselfahusband #Igboandproud #auntywontmarryanytimesoon #leekwaAnuohia”


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